Trade Products

This is a web based solution that allows a customer initiate a form M/LC transaction and monitor the application as it goes from one stage to the other.

Trade concerns both domestic & foreign trade transactions

A trade transaction requires a seller of goods and services as well as a buyer. Various intermediaries such as banks and financial institutions can facilitate these transactions by financing the trade


Any UBA customer intending to import. For each stage of the transaction, the importer receives a notification (e-mail/SMS). These notifications include: Form M Completion Form M Approval Notification Form M Acceptance Notification Form M Expiry Notification of Shipping Documents arrival Notification of Shipping Documents processing Notification of RAR arrival Letter of Credit Swift message delivery Bills for Collection Expiry Out standings / Issues on Shipping documents Outstanding Exchange Control Documents RAR Arrival



Sign on Process

Customers who have access to the internet can register via UBA e-banking website (
Customers can also register through the Form M hyperlink on their U-Direct.
Customers without Internet access can walk into any branch of UBA and register at the Customer service desk.