UBA Internet Banking

Whether you run your business from home or on the move, internet Banking is the right support for you.

UBA Internet Banking

We’re excited to introduce you to our online banking platform and show you all the features we have lined up to make banking anywhere, online as easy and as efficient as you want it to be. Click here to read the internet banking manual.

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UBA’s new internet banking platform is not only now more secure, but it also helps you plan out your expenses better by automating a host of services which you perform on a monthly basis.

The best part in all this is that you can now register yourself using your debit card!

Experience UBA internet banking

We are all about your convenience. You can bank safely and securely with us from any location and on any device. Navigate through the new and improved interface.

Make Bulk payments to 5000 beneficiaries at a time

On your corporate accounts, you can initiate up to 50 and above transactions at a time using the Bulk upload option on Internet Banking.
Here are 5 easy steps to make bulk payments. 
  • – Select Menu at the top left corner on the Internet Banking dashboard
  • – Tap Transactions, click Bulk Upload, then ‘Upload a File‘ and choose your preferred Bulk payment options based on the type and numbers of transactions. 
  • – Download the template in XLS format (excel sheet), fill in your data, and save file on your computer. 
  • – Return to the screen and click on the ‘Browse‘ menu option, upload your saved payment file and select ‘Continue
  • – Validate transaction with your token and click ‘Submit
The type of Bulk Upload option to choose is dependent on the number of transactions and the type of transaction you want to initiate. 
Payment options Transfer method Number of beneficiaries at a time
NAPS Upload
UBA to UBA and UBA to Other banks
Maximum 5,000 transactions per upload
Payment to Registered beneficiaries
UBA to UBA and UBA to Other banks
Maximum 1,500 transactions per upload
NEFT Upload
UBA to Other banks ( Single Debit and Multiple Credit)
Maximum 5,000 transactions per upload
Multiple debits, Multiple credits
UBA to UBA and UBA to Other banks
Maximum of 500 Transaction per upload
Salary File upload
UBA to UBA and UBA to Other banks ( Single Debit and Multiple Credit)
Maximum of 1,500 Transaction per upload
Maximum of 2,000 transactions per upload
Mandates upload
Maximum of 150 transactions per upload
Collections Upload
Maximum of 150 transactions per upload
Card Payment upload
Maximum of 50 transactions per upload

Schedule your transfer for a later time

Whether on your retail or corporate account, you can schedule your transfers or payment for a later time or at certain times on Internet Banking. Do not worry about forgetting to make that frequent payment, use the Schedule payment feature on the Internet banking platform.

  • – Log into Internet Banking and Click on the Menu at the top left corner. 
  • – Select Transactions, then Fund Transfer and the type of transfer you would like to initiate. 
  • – Select Recurring from the dropdown, input the frequency of the transfer you would like to make, the recurring date, beneficiary details, and the amount. Click on Continue
  • – Review the payment confirmation, validate the transaction with your token or OTP (if need be) and click Submit.


UBA customers can start and finish Internet Banking registration from the log-in page, https://ibank.ubagroup.com

With new phishing tactics and data harvesting evolving on the world wide web, we have included this feature to keep your money safe, no matter what. 

Pay your tax and other Internal Generated Revenue payments using the UBA Internet Banking with the following steps:
  • – Log into your Internet Banking platform
  • – Select ‘Bill Payment‘ at the top of the Dashboard page.
  • – Select the frequency of the transaction, account, and search using ‘IGR‘ in the Biller Category.
  • – Search for the payment options under the Biller Name and follow the prompt.

Now you can make up to 30 payments per screen to beneficiaries already saved in your history – at the touch of a button!

Take a quick look back at the payments you made in the last X days.

So you don’t have to keep filling the same information in every month, simply save your recurring payments into a template and initiate them with the click of a button in future.

Can’t make it to the branch yourself? Send an instruction on the platform and authorize a 3rd party to pick it up for you.

Top up your mobile phones and those of your loved ones
Account Monitoring: Monitor activities on your accounts, view your loans, etc.

Send money to your other UBA account or someone else’s account in UBA or other Banks. Standing Order is also available.

Pay bills – utility, Pay TV, subscriptions, etc.
24-Hour Availability: Access to your account is round-the-clock – no weekends, no public holidays.

Get best flights and pay directly from your account.

Customize your User ID, your nickname, etc. it is all about you.

Proof of transfer or payment can be printed for all your transactions.

Access to your account is protected with best-in-class technology. You are also notified whenever there is any log-in/attempted log-in to your profile

Foreign Currency Transfer


Internet Banking is available to both Corporates and Retail Customers. You can carry out secure online transactions, payments of all types, and also monitor initiated transactions.

Internet Banking can be accessed from any internet-enabled devices – computer, laptop, smart phones etc. via https://ibank.ubagroup.com. For ease of access and use, you can download Internet Banking apps from stores

There are flexible options for enrolment/registration. They include:

  • Instant Self-Registration – with your debit card, individual customers can start and finish enrolment from our Internet Banking login page https://ibank.ubagroup.com by clicking Instant Self-Registration button. It takes less than 2 Minutes to complete this process!
  • Enrolment via account opening – Customers who visit the business office can be instantly enrolled on Internet Banking during the process of account opening.
  • Enrolment through our Business Offices – Existing customers can walk into any of our Business Offices to fill a form to be enrolled on Internet Banking. New customers that request Corporate customers can also give instruction on their letterhead to RMs or Business Offices to enrol their desired users – there is no limit to the number of users who can be enrolled under a corporate user

Please confirm what limit is applicable to you. You may need to give an instruction and execute indemnity at any of our Business Office for higher limits

Except during scheduled maintenance periods, our internet banking platform can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from anywhere in the world.

Click on forgot password option, input your USER ID and follow the prompts.

Your password must be minimum of six Characters and must be alphanumeric.

You can change your USER ID anytime you wish. Kindly click on My profile >>> Security settings >>> Update My User ID. Authenticate with Secure pass / Token and click submit.

Yes, you can use either your hard token or soft token to complete your transaction.

Retail Limit
Token Type Indemnity in Place Transaction value date Per Tranx Per Day
One Time Password (OTP) N/A Instant 200k 200k
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) No Instant 1M 1M
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) Yes Instant 5M 5M
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) Yes NEFT/Clearing Session 5M 10M
Corporate Limit
Token Type Indemnity in Place Transaction value date Business Segment Per Tranx Per Day
One Time Password (OTP) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) No Instant All Segments 10M 10M
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) Yes Instant SME I 100M 100M
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) Yes Instant SME II 100M 500M
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) Yes Instant Meduyn Corporate 100M 1B
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) Yes Instant Large Corporation 100M 1B and Above
Secure Pass(Hard/Soft) Yes NEFT All Segments 100M 100M

On Internet Banking Home Page, https://ibank.ubagroup.com , please click on forgot your USER ID. Enter your account number, click submit and the USER ID will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Yes, when you enrol for UBA’s Internet Banking Service, Internet Banking, You Can specify which accounts you want access to over the internet and can have access to all of them using one single user ID.

On Internet Banking Home Page, https://ibank.ubagroup.com , please click on forgot your password? Enter your Internet Banking USER ID on next screen and submit, then provide an answer to any security question set by you and a new password is automatically generated and sent to your registered email address.

Password expires after 1hr. You can still use the expired password to send a new password to yourself. On the Internet Banking site, input your UserID with the expired password and click on RESEND. A new password would be sent to you via phone and Email.

Getting started again is easy! Click forgot user ID? To retrieve your user ID, then, click forgot password? to retrieve your password. Now, you are good to go

Please click the link Internet Banking Quick Guide for more info. If you need further assistance, kindly contact cfc@ubagroup.com

Our Internet Banking is very secure, we have gone to great extent to protect you and your funds when using Internet Banking, you have two level authentication (password + token) available each time you transact on Internet Banking, we have also introduced an Image and Phrase Security feature to guard against phished site. In Addition, there’s the virtual keyboard for use on open networks and public spaces so that key loggers will not capture your details. Internet Banking is protected with the best-in-class security technology. To further protect your profile, do not share your credentials with anyone, do not
click on any suspicious link, when you are in doubt, always contact cfc@ubagroup.com 

In Nigeria, all accounts use the NUBAN system, all accounts are 10 digits, your login credentials are in the PDF attached to the mail you received, the PDF has been pass-coded using the last 7 digits of ANY of your 10-digit account numbers with UBA Plc, as a hint, the last 3 digits of the account used is stated in the body of the e-mail you received.

If you desire a hard token, you can get it at any UBA Business Office and it costs 2,500 Naira. For more flexibility, U-Token is available for free in apps stores for download and instant activation for your transactions.

Yes, FX transfer is available to both Retail and Corporate Customers. Daily limit is $10,000 per day.

Your user id is your company’s name dot your first name. For example: OUTORILTD.AUGUSTA

  1. Bulk upload
  2. Transfers
  3. Bill payment
  4. Flight payment
  5. Statement download etc

Yes, Authorizers can use the Internet Banking App to authorize payments.

The system supports multilevel approvals. You can specify the number of approvals for completing a transaction. The transaction will be processed once it has been approved by the final approver.

Yes, there is a maker checker process. The verifier authenticates what the initiator has uploaded and the Authorizer validates as the final approval.

Statements download is available in PDF, Excel, MT940 format.

No, there will be no need to login using token as a corporate user. Token verification is required during file upload validation, Transaction verification and final authorization.

The verifier and the Authorizer will receive a mail notification stating that there is a file awaiting verification/approval. Likewise, there is a notification button on the dashboard that shows the awaiting approval icon.

Customer can customer can click on ‘forgot UserID’ and input your account Number and your UserID will be sent an email to the registered Email Address.

There are different types of Bulk upload as seen below

A – Multiple debit, Multiple credit

B – Single Debit, Multiple credit.

C – NAPs Single Debit, Multiple Credits


A – Multiple debit, Multiple credit – Maximum of 50 Transaction per upload

B – Single debit, Multiple credit – Maximum of 50 Transaction per upload

C – NAPs Single Debit, Multiple Credits – Maximum of 5,000 transactions per upload to other Banks.

D – IFT (UBA – UBA) – Maximum of 5,000 transactions per upload

You can reject transactions via the following steps:

For Multiple Debit Multiple Credit: Menu>> Transactions >> status of transaction >> view approval queue >> click on the multi-records actions dropdown to reject.

For Bulk Uploads: Menu>> Transactions >> BULK Uploads>> Approve/reject Uploaded files

Please follow these steps to initiate multiple transactions:

Menu>> Transactions >> Initiate Funds Transfer >> Initiate Multiple transactions>> Fill in the required details to proceed.

Please follow these steps to view your transaction status :

Menu>> Transactions >> status of transaction >> view transactions history >> select the transaction by clicking on Entry ID

Transactions details will be displayed and can be downloaded in Excel/PDF/Txt format

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