Developer Zone

The UBA developer zone is an online hub access that allows budding developers and programmers to ...

Developer Zone

Developer Zone offers a one-stop shop for everything you need to get going. We have opened access to our UBA programs that will be enabling smarter, connected, and differentiated systems and networks. We also made this third-party ecosystem available provide software development environments and embedded platforms that offer a comprehensive set of familiar and powerful tools, libraries and methodologies. These environments lower your development time while allowing you to create custom hardware accelerators easily and on demand. To capitalize on the benefits of our system integration, design teams require state of the art hardware architectures, design flows, and a proven methodology that maximizes productivity from concept through implementation and debug and the UBA Developer zone bridges the gap.
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How it Works

Simply click Access Sandbox on the Open Banking Platform and enter your email address.
Log on to the platform, click on the desired API , choose your created application, choose your desired tier and click subscribe.

Log on to the platform, click on Applications, click view on your created Application, choose the key you want to generate either production or sandbox keys, click show keys, scroll to the end of the page, choose validity period for the token and click regenerate.

Simply visit the homepage and click request for live

Frequently Asked Questions

An application is a logical collection of APIs. An application is primarily used to decouple the consumer from the APIs. It allows you to generate and use a single key for multiple APIs, subscribe multiple times to a single API with different tiers levels

You can create a sample API with an inline script and then make it available for testing purpose for your API subscribers. You do not need to have an actual service backend but rather mock the response using the inline script. This is provided through the API Cloud’s prototyped API feature.

API Cloud Gateway servers process requests and responses with the following content types. If you have a requirement to process payloads of other content types, send a support request to the WSO2 Cloud team.

Subscription tiers provide the capability to set the maximum number of
requests allowed to the API through the subscribers. The API Cloud
provides 4 tiers Gold, Silver, Bronze and Unlimited.

For a full list of the error codes, please visit
Error Code Error Message Description Example
700700 API Blocked This API has been blocked temporarily Invoked an API which is in the blocked lifecycle state
900800 Message throttled out The maximum number of requests that can be made to the API within a designated time period is reached and the API is throttled for the user. Invoke an API exceeding the tier limit
900810 Hard limit exceeded Hard throttle limit has been reached Invoke an API exceeding the hard throttle limit
API Requirements
Direct Debit
  • PSSP License from CBN or Mobile Money License
  • Collateral
  • Corporate Account with UBA
  • Data Policy
  • PSSP License from CBN or Mobile Money License
  • Corporate Account with UBA
  • Data Policy
  • PSSP License from CBN or Mobile Money License
  • Corporate Account with UBA
  • Data Policy
Balance Enquiry
  • PSSP License from CBN or Mobile Money License
  • Corporate Account with UBA
  • Data Policy
ATM Locator
  • PSSP License from CBN or Mobile Money License
  • Data Policy
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