Remittance Promo

Get EXTRA cash for every dollar received at UBA



We have partnered with top international money transfer operators and have created an Africa money transfers service to ensure you can conveniently send and receive money worldwide.  With our remittances services, you can choose to receive money directly to your UBA account or collect and send cash at any UBA branch nationwide

Remittances Back to School Promo

Receive dollars sent through any of our remittance partners including Africash at any UBA branch nationwide and get a gift instantly

  • – Promo starts on the 6th of September 2021
  • – Promo is only open to customers who use the cash pick up service option
  • – There is no minimum limit on the amount you can receive to qualify for gift
  • – Gift items to be won include; USB hub, Flashlight with Keyring, Phone Brace, Stylus Pen with Phone stand, USB light for laptop
  • – This offer is for a limited time only and will not exceed 3rd October, 2021



UBA Remittance Promo

For every dollar you receive via any money transfer service, you earn N5. This reward can be redeemed as cash over the counter at any UBA branch nationwide or via direct credit into your UBA account.

– Only funds received through Money Transfer Services are eligible for this offer.
– Customers are to visit a UBA Branch, complete a money collection form, collect foreign currency over the counter or pay into a UBA Domiciliary Account.
– Your cash reward in Naira will be calculated based on funds received and you either collect cash or pay into a UBA account.

Remittance services

Our money transfer services include; 








Western Union



World Remit