Strategic Advisory & Research

Our business strategy is built on being the bank of choice for businesses across the African continent.

Using our extensive spread across the continent

We aim to facilitate inter–and-intra-African trade and also be the pivot for the inflow of investment capital. Through the maintenance of a quality balance sheet, we will support infrastructural development across the continent and be the lead bank in Africa’s renaissance

Our Approach to Business

We have an overall strategic goal in our approach to business. This is underlined by our strong desire to always deliver exceptional customer service. Serving customers is not just about profit but also creating an enduring brand that will outlive generations.



Our Customers, Our Priority

  • –   Customers remain the cornerstone of our strategy to dominate the African banking space, compelling us to constantly seek innovative ways to deliver exceptional service to all our customers daily.
  • –   We realize that customer needs are constantly changing and that good customer service one day will not necessarily count as good customer service the next. So we are constantly monitoring and tracking how satisfied customers are with our services.
  • –   We do not take lightly the need for our customers to conduct their business in a secure environment, using secured processes. We have invested in IT systems and processes to ensure maximum protection for all customer transactions with high-level controls that minimize losses from fraud and errors.

Our Reputation

    • –   We value our reputation as a financial institution, conducting our businesses within strict regulatory guidelines in a way that protects our reputation. Integrity is a core value in all our financial transactions ensuring that our word remains an irrevocable bond in all our transactions.


    • –   As a financial institution, we fully realize that we have to take risks; however, we are conscious of the need to manage the level of risks we have to take, without compromising the massive trust of our customers. In line with this, we have invested heavily in a high-level enterprise risk management system that minimizes the bank’s exposure to loss in its lending activities.


  • –  The bank manages its finances closely, keeping a close eye on its capital to avoid any capital-eroding losses. We are constantly replenishing the bank’s capital to keep it at par with fast expanding business across Africa.


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