Domiciliary Account

With UBA Domiciliary accounts, you can receive and send funds in foreign currencies.

Everyone is different so one size never fits all

It is useful when travelling or sending money to relatives abroad and also enables customers to be paid in any foreign currency.

Domiciliary Account Promo

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Terms & Conditions  

  • – Open a Domiciliary Savings Account and maintain a minimum balance of $100 for 3 months to qualify 
  • – One lucky winner will be rewarded in the supersavers draw 
  • – Rewards will be paid into the customers’ UBA Naira account



Freedom Dom Account

Introducing our Freedom Savings Domiciliary Account. This domiciliary savings account is built to receive foreign remittances, with no limits, directly into your account.

With the Freedom Savings Domiciliary account, you enjoy the following benefits

  • – Easy documentation requirements
  • – Zero balance account opening
  • – Free access to check account balances via our Mobile App and the Internet banking platform
  • – Receive foreign currency and Telex inflows directly into your account
  • – No withdrawal charges
  • BVN only
  • Q: What is the minimum operating balance for FSDOM account?
  • A: The minimum operating balance for FSDOM account is zero (0) USD
  • Q: What is the minimum opening balance for Freedom Savings Domiciliary accounts?
  • A: The minimum opening balance for Freedom Savings Domiciliary account is Zero.
  • Q: What documentation is required for FSDOM?
  • A: The only documentation required for FSDOM is the BVN
  • Q: What documentation is required for FSDOM?
  • A: There is no maximum cumulative balance for the FSDOM. However, customers will upgrade their accounts as soon as they exceed a debit turnover limit of $2,000.
  • Q: Does the Account Allow Use of Debit and Credit Card?
  • A: No, please. The account does not allow the use of cards.
  • Q: What is the interest rate for this account type?
  • A: This is a zero interest paying account.
  • Q: Can customers carry out transfers on this account?
  • A: No, please. Customers can only access their cash through in-branch cash withdrawals.

Dom Advantage Account

Dom Advantage is a current or savings domiciliary account denominated in foreign currency – US Dollar, Pound Sterling, EURO etc, but operated by in Nigeria as Domiciliary Account.
  • Minimum opening balance of $ 100, € 80 or ₤ 70 or its equivalent in other currencies Account is operated in any of the major currencies- US Dollar, GBP, Euro etc Foreign Cheques/Instruments can be credited to the account Can be used as a channel for Investments in securities and real Estate in home & abroad
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  • Valid Identification (International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID card, Voter’s card)
  • Two Passport photographs

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  • Minimum opening balance of $100, €80 or ₤70 or its equivalent in GBP, Euro etc Interest payable on account credit balance subject to a minimum balance of $1,000.00 or its equivalent

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Dom Advantage Plus Account

Dom Advantage Plus Account is a foreign currency (USD, GBP, and EURO) denominated account variant that is operated in Nigeria as a domiciliary account targeted at individual and organisations who desire Zero withdrawal and transfer charges while earning higher interest rates.
  • Minimum Opening/Operating Balance: $1,000, or €700 or ₤600
  • Withdrawal Charge : Zero charge once account balance is up to minimum operating balance
  • Transfer charge: Zero charge once account balance is up to minimum operating balance
  • Telex transfer charge (Swift communication charge): Compulsory swift communication charge of $25, €20 or ₤15 on all foreign transfers

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  • High Net-worth Individuals
  • Medium Net-worth Individuals
  • Self employed professionals

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  • Attractive Interest rate payable on account balance
  • Zero transfer charge
  • Zero withdrawal charge
  • Unlimited number of withdrawals

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UBA Kiddies Domiciliary Account

The UBA Kiddies Domiciliary Account is an FCY account denominated in USD, GBP, & EURO meant for parents who want to save for children’s secondary/tertiary education abroad

  • Valid Identification of Parent/Guardian
  • Two Passport photographs of Child and Parent
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Utility bill of the parent/guardian
  • BVN of the parent/guardian

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  • Withdrawals: 0.5% + VAT on amount withdrawn
  • Telex Transfer: 0.5% +VAT or US$10 or its equivalent whichever one is higher + Communication charge of US$25 or Euro 20 or £ 15
  • Draft request: 0.5% +VAT or US$10 or its equivalent whichever one is higher + communication charge of US$25 or Euro 20 or £ 15

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  • Opening balance of $100 or £70 or its equivalent.
  • Minimum operating balance of £350 or its equivalent.
  • Interest Rate of 0.1% payable on the credit balance.

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All Savings Accounts Come With

UBA Internet Banking

Secure Transactions

Transaction Notifications

24/7 Banking

UBA Online Account

No need to visit the bank

The UBA Online Account is a unique account designed for people who desire to carry out their banking activities purely online, without visiting a bank branch.

Enjoy the flexibility of banking on the go, with our electronic channels (internet banking, mobile banking, ATM and EmailMoni) and get a 30% concession on transaction fee.

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