The eye crosses the river before the body”.- TUESDAY INSPIRATION



“The eye crosses the river before the body”. This assertion literary/contextually means that battles are first won in the mind before they are won in the field.


Success is first achieved in vision before it is achieved in reality. Love is first a matter of our will before it is a matter of our action.
 The trouble with us today is that we are trying to win wars outside when we haven’t yet won it in the inside world. We are trying to be successful without any clear vision of what exactly we want to achieve. And we act lovely but we do not have love.
Our love has no roots in the heart. It’s all superficial. That being said, there are at least two lessons that can be inferred from the assertion above:
 One, it teaches us that it is easier to dream than to make it happen. That’s why all of us have dreams but only a few of us realize our dreams. Two, the assertion also teaches us that it is easier to see wrongs than it is to correct them or that it is easier to see negativities with something than it is to cause positive change.
That’s why there are many great talkers but few doers. Positive change is costly. And even more costly is maintaining a positive change. When you are an agent of positive change, you become an enemy to those who caused the negativity.
Patrick Ellis




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