Healthy eating is not about strict nutritional
philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods
you love. It is about feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing your
mood, and keeping yourself healthy. 
Here are some 12 tips to help you develop healthier
eating habits:
      1. Wait for signs of true
 As much as you do not have to wait to get
really hungry before you eat, try to eat when you start feeling the pangs of
true hunger. Do not be in eating mood all the time as if your life depends on
all you can eat at a time.
      1. Moderation is key.
 The question is how much food is moderate?
That really depends on you and your overall eating habits. The goal of healthy
eating is to develop a diet that you can maintain for life, not just a few
weeks or months, or until you have hit your ideal weight. So, try to think of
moderation in terms of balance.
      1. Eat a
        healthy breakfast.
 Try not to skip breakfast, as studies show
that doing so affects the metabolic balance of the body. Eating a low fat
breakfast that includes grain, fruit and high fibre cereal helps to maintain a
healthy weight.
      1. Drink
Not cola. Not
fruit juice. Not malt. Just plain still water!
This seems to be an arduous task for most of us, but the simple truth
is that water helps improve the digestive function of your body by as much as
20%. Drink, at least, a glass or two of water at every meal.
      1.  Do not keep red zone food in the house
To have a healthy
eating culture, you need to keep out those unhealthy foods like chocolate,
full-fat ice cream, fizzy drinks or any other food that brings unhealthy
cravings to you. Why? Because when they are close by, it is easier to indulge
in them.
6. Eating heavy foods late at night or
sleeping after eating.
Try to avoid
eating starchy or foods high in carbohydrates or fats late at night as they
are more difficult to digest and end up converting the indigestible content to
fat. Learn to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly; this might sound ‘not
to smart’, but the truth is, it aids digestion. Take time to savour your food.


      1. Snacking!
        ‘go fruits’
Its fine to snack
in between meals, but what we snack on is vital. “Go fruits” instead of a high
calorie, high fat snack. It is a much healthier option.
      1. Beef up
        the plant protein intake
Plant Protein
like beans, nuts, grains and sprouts are less complicated and speed up your
weight loss (if you are on such programme) by helping you build or maintain
lean muscle that also raises your fat-burning metabolism.
      1. Go
Try cutting down
on the canned foods you eat. Its healthier eating food (fish, dairy, fruits
and vegetables) from organic sources as this reduces chemical exposure, which
is harmful to the body’s overall health.
      1. Avoid any
        excess of the 3S
Excess of Sugar,
Sweets and Salt is not healthy for the body. Where possible replace with
healthier alternatives and if not, a reduction on their intake is advised.
      1. Keep a
        positive attitude and focus on the long term results.
Try not to eat
for today. Always think about what every portion could result to. Is it
healthy or unhealthy? It is wiser eating to stay fit than eating to go back to
the gym and burn the unneeded calories.
By Gabriel Oyemike


  1. Thank you! These are quite simple and correct tips.
    We make a lot of mistakes in nutrition. For example, I often overuse sugar and salt (which breaks the 3S rule) and also eat a lot of food before sleep. And now I try to improve my eating habits. I am not that old but I already have problems with my stomach and body in general. I think that a healthy diet will improve the situation.


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