Everyday remind yourself that you did some things well.
Instead of dwelling
on what did not work or a task you did not finish, focus on what you did
accomplish. Do not minimize these. Give yourself a mental pep talk at the
beginning and end of the day. Coach yourself, just like you would help someone
else to overcome a challenge.
inspiring biographies and autobiographies.
Read books, articles
and magazines. Build a file of those stories that inspire you most. Record
special TV documentaries, listen to tapes or watch videos. Find out about
people who started with nothing or who had devastating setbacks, and still
found a way to win. Life without challenge is an illusion. Accept the fact that
you have ups and downs, just like everyone else. Your confidence grows when you
actively take on challenges of life. You won’t win them all, but with the right
attitude you will win more than enough.
No matter how bad your
circumstances may be, there is probably someone worse off than you. If you
doubt this, volunteer your time in the hospital. Put things into perspective.
Think of all the things (and people) you take for granted.  Most of your problems will pale in comparison
when you take a mental snapshot of all the benefits you enjoy everyday.
yourself to accomplish short-term goals.
There is no greater
way to build confidence than getting things done. Create an environment of
accomplishment every week. Focus on three most important targets. Every day, do
something that moves you closer to finishing a project, closing a sale or
expanding a relationship. Do not allow yourself to be distracted or
interrupted. By doing so, you will eliminate the feelings of guilt and failure.
Take one step at a time.
Make sure your goals
are realistic. Self-rejection can shatter your confidence, so do not beat
yourself up when others say ‘’NO” to you, do not take it personal. Accept the
fact that you need to lose sometimes, before you can win.
something for yourself every week.
Find a way to
celebrate your weekly accomplishments.
You deserve it. If you say ‘’No,” go back to step one and start again.
The road to confidence is paved with weekly victories. Learn to applaud them.



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