Easter Travels-Air Line Booking made easy at UBA

As Easter approaches and people
make their travel plans, United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) is offering intending
travelers an easy way out to pay for their tickets without stress.
UBA has placed all its branches
on standby for intending travelers who may book their flight “on hold.”
That is, travelers who book their flight online but are unable to pay with their
cards or internet banking facilities, can simply walk into any UBA branch and
make the payment over the counter to secure their seats on the flight.
All a traveler needs to do to
secure his or her seat on the flight is to walk to the nearest branch of UBA
and present the booking details to a customer service officer who will
immediately ensure that payment is confirmed. This service is available for
both local and international travels and it is available to intending travelers
on Aero, Arik, Egypt Air and Lufthansa.
Customers of UBA can however
still use the bank’s highly innovative U-Direct Internet banking platform to pay for
their tickets online. With U-Direct, customers do not have to leave the comfort
of their seats to make any payment as the platform is enabled for customers to
carry out such transactions using their computers, laptops or tablets.


UBA customers can also use the
bank’s U-mobile platform to make payments for booked flights or pay other
bills. The U-Mobile platform is compatible with most mobile phones and can be
used to carry out about 90 percent of a customer’s banking needs.
It is easy to install and highly secured to use on any mobile phone.


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