By Solo Ezinwoke


highlights below are excerpts from Keith Harrel’s book titled ‘The Attitude
of Leadership: Taking the Lead and Keeping it
.’ The lessons are quite
insightful and would be helpful, both in one’s individual and corporate life.
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Ford, the automobile legend and founder of the famous Ford Motor Company, was
quoted as saying, ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is
progress.’ That’s synergy!
must be consciously and responsibly pursued and maintained at all costs. The
success of any organization depends on it. Do you remember how much fun it was
when you were a child and you and your buddies did things together? You played
ball together, swam together, ran together, traded cards, and were probably
mischievous together.
if the ‘we-do-everything-together’ attitude were maintained throughout life and
became evident in everything that we did. In the pursuit of individual success,
it’s easy to forget the value of teamwork. Why is that? Whatever the answer,
individual success isn’t as meaningful as corporate success.
the right synergy takes a purposeful and motivated leadership. Being motivated
as a leader takes an attitude adjustment. Attitude is the motor that keeps your
motivation running smoothly; therefore, strive to become the best at what you
do, because others depend on your positive guidance. Keep in mind that no one
wants to follow a leader with bad attitude. Attitude above aptitude determines
one’s leadership altitude
a leader, you are what you say; you are what you do. The biggest mistake any
leader can make is to talk out of both sides of their mouth; to voice one
opinion to one person, but an opposite opinion to another. Remember, words
never die! If you can’t follow through, don’t put it out there. People don’t
expect us to be perfect. They expect us to be honest!
is not change until you change’
attitude of leadership transcends titles, positions, race or gender.
There is no special difference between the attitudes required to lead a
company, organization or individual. Leadership is leadership!
the lead and keeping it, however, will require you to embrace an attitude of
love and an attitude of continuous improvement. It requires change, and change
produces growth; but as Dr. Dollar quotes often, ‘Change is not change, until
you change.’ Mahatma Gandhi puts it this way, ‘Be the change you want to see.’
Einstein, the mathematical physicist of Relativity Theory fame, once said ‘Try
not to become a man of success, but rather to become a man of value.’ Everyone
should do his or her best to add value positively, which is anchored on the
right attitude. By so doing, an enduring synergy is created. It is our
responsibility to seek congruent leadership roles, so that we can make the
biggest possible contribution to our immediate environment and to life, while
here on earth.


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