NextGen Account
It's not an account, it's a lifestyle. Bank for Free!!! No SMS charges, No Card maintenance fee.

Level up with NextGen

Crush your goals, live life on your own terms and grow your money with a UBA NextGen account.

If you’re a student of a Tertiary Institution or an NYSC corps member, join the NextGen community and get the sweetest offers.

No monthly charges

Yes, really – no SMS, no card maintenance fee and no ridiculous bank charges. You only pay transaction fees; fair right?

Available in Nigeria

Get all the juicy perks

None of that basic stuff, you get only the best with NextGen.
Get rewarded with:
  • 50% discount on your first debit card
  • A chance to win Pocket Money for a Year
  • Complimentary invites to NextGen events and Masterclasses
  • A chance to become a UBA Campus Ambassador
  • Free online business workshops for your side hustle
  • Annual interest of 3.75% (payable monthly)
  • Monthly Pocket Money

No sms charges, No Card maintenance fees.

Available in Nigeria

We don’t ask for much

A passport photo and School ID/Admission letter or NYSC ID gets you a NextGen Lite account.

If you want the power to do more, you can upgrade to a premium NextGen account with a Valid ID card and a recent utility bill.

Available in Nigeria


Documents required
– A duly completed account opening form
– One passport photo of Student / Corp Member
Tier 1 KYC (partial): Student / departmental / faculty ID card / NYSC card (for Corp members)
Tier 3 KYC (full): Evidence of Studentship / Corps membership (e.g. Student  / Corp Member ID, Admission / Posting letter) and one of the following: Voter’s card / national ID / national driver’s license / international passport

Address Verification (only one of the below is required )
– Customer Address Verification is not compulsory, but may be used in the absence of these documents:

– Admission Letter
– Most recent school fees receipt
– Letter from the Local/State Government Secretariat or Camp utility bill (for NYSC members)

Minimum Opening Balance of N1000

Since the child is a minor, you would need to input the guardians details. If the guardian/parents does not have an account, then you can create a CIF with the parents details such as Name, Mobile number, and BVN without necessarily opening an account for the parent.

A Savings account will be opened when you present a passport photograph and valid photo ID. However, with your School ID/admission letter, your account can be converted to a UBA NextGen account.

– Yes, please. The UBA NextGen Account is for students of any tertiary institution including Colleges, Universities, Technical/Vocational Institutions,  Polytechnics.
– National Youth Service Corps members with valid NYSC cards are also eligible for the UBA  NextGen Account.

No, please. This account does not require a physical Customer Address Verification (CAV) as the Admission Letter / most recent School Fees Receipt of the student or State secretariat address/Camp utility bill of the corp member shall suffice for Address Verification. However, if the student/corp member does not have any of these documents, then a CAV will be carried out by the Account Officer  or CAV Agents as the Bank deems fit.

– For Tier 1 KYC, the following means of ID are acceptable.

  • Student ID Card OR Departmental ID Card OR Faculty ID Card
  • NYSC ID card

– For Tier 3 KYC IDs, the following means of ID are acceptable.

  • International Passport OR Voters Card OR National ID OR Driver’s License; but must also provide evidence of being a student / corp member

The customer will need to provide an Admission Letter OR Clearance Letter OR Call up Letter that shows at least the following information: Passport Photo, Name, Sex, Student/Registration Nos., Faculty/Department.

– On Campus at University events organized by UBA
– On Camp
– Online
– At the Branch

You can, but if you are a Tertiary student or Corp member, the UBA NextGen account will better meet your needs than the General Savings account.

– The Savings account is a basic savings account.
– As a Tertiary student or Corp member, the NextGen account will better meet your lifestyle needs.
– You stand a chance to win pocket money for a year in our targeted draws
– Your first debit card  is issued at only half the regular cost: N525
– You get to attend all campus events

No – the account must be funded with at least 525 to get a debit card. Corp Members are eligible as well. The account will be liened with the requisite amount once the funds hit the account and card issued.

– Yes, you can get a debit card on your UBA NextGen account at a discount of 50% for your first card.

– A chance to win Pocket Money for a Year
– A chance to become a UBA campus Ambassador
– Complimentary invites to NextGen events and Master classes
– Annual interest of 4.05% (payable monthly)
– 50% discount for first card issuance
-And so much more

-Simply open your account, fund, enrol on a digital platform and initiate at least 4 transactions per month.

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