We celebrated 70 years of timeless excellence, of delivering excellent services and surpassing our customers' expectations.



In 2019, we celebrated 70 years of timeless excellence, of delivering excellent services and surpassing our customers’ expectations. We sailed through 70 in glamour and documented the memories with the hashtag #UBAAt70.

So many beautiful memories, so many interesting milestones, with a legacy so rich that we took the months September and October to take our audience on social media through our early years and the journey so far. This campaign took different interpretations on the various social media platforms. Let’s take you through them one after another.

“70 years is the beautiful platinum milestone age that is acknowledged even by God. To cross this age is indeed a blessing and a priviledge, and this year, UBA has a lot to celebrate” – Bola Atta; Group Director, Corporate Communications.

#UBAAt70 - Instagram

On Instagram, we asked our followers to interprete 70 in any way they deem fit. We trust our users who got so creative with it that we were left in awe. We reposted our favourites and rewarded the selected followers with #UBAAt70 exclusive gift items



#UBAAt70 - Twitter

On Twitter, the campaign was spilt into 4 sub campaigns:

Twitter went agog when we shared the story of how our Chairman, Mr Tony O. Elumelu bought the defunct Standard Trust Bank (STB) and transformed it into one of the top 3 banks in Nigeria. Bi-weekly, we shared stories we bet you never heard about United Bank for Africa from the time when the new UBA was born till we turned 70.

Our wonderful online audience sent us hundreds of wishes on our anniversary and said so many sweet words that left a mark in our hearts. We, of course, rewarded select users and made sure they had their share of the anniversary cake.

70 years isn’t an easy achievement, not to tooth our horns, but to reach this age means we’re doing something right. Oh Yes! So, to appreciate the centre and heart of our business, we asked our customers to share their UBA stories with us. We received such good words even from our customers from the early STB days. It was so humbling.

And of course, the mother campaign with which we shared our events, and everything we did on attaining the milestone age of 70.

#UBAAt70 - Facebook

On Facebook, we had the Seven Days of Seventy. We tested our Facebook users’ knowledge of the Group history and had quizzes and gifts waiting for our users. Using that as an avenue, we shared more facts and milestones about the bank and we made sure everyone had fun with it.
It was indeed a beautiful year for us and we stay indebted to our dear customers and friends without whom we won’t be where we are.

“The story of UBA Group is being written, and as the next chapter unfolds, we will continue to sow the seed of hard work to reap the fruits of success and prosperity for the future” – Kennedy Uzoka; Group Managing Director, UBA

Cheers to 70 years of timeless excellence!!! Follow us on @ubagroup across all social media platforms for more interesting contents.


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