At UBA, we are committed to the development of the real sectors of the economy.

We are committed to the development of the real sectors of the economy.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of corporate and commercial banking services in the Energy, Manufacturing, FMCGs, Export & Import, Telecommunications, Agriculture and Public Sectors of the economy amongst others.

Transportation is a core focus for us. Our dedication to serving companies and organisations centred around marine transport, aviation and road transportation.

As part of our business focused services. We provide corporate client solutions in the multi-diverse transportation industry. Airline and marine levies or payments as well as road payment facilities and financial solutions. Across the sub-sectors, we are available to meet the need of the customer.

The lifestyle shift in the economy has brought about an emergence of principal players across all sectors. We strive to support consistency and development for customers across health, shopping experience, holidays and other lifestyle opportunities.

As hospitality covers a wide range of product and service industries, we serve both areas. From event planning, restaurants, reservations via transportation and lodging to health care providers and educational establishments, we are driven to provide support and facilities that promote growth and development.

Creating tailored-services for FCMG’s across the country. We aim to support growth and increased revenue for manufacturers and suppliers along the distribution channels.

The food and beverage company is one that provides a necessity. As a part of our structure, we provide credit facilities to improve their production. From processed meals to drinks and beverages, we ensure that our competent team of managers and customer/client relations are there 24/7 to improve services for our premium organizations.

As part of our ever increasing dedication to international trade and foreign investments, we endeavor to work with international companies. Our relationship with the Orient community has steadily improved well-being and lifestyle opportunities.

Our goal includes businesses locally but also partnerships with their parent companies abroad and other foreign affiliates. The Helpdesk availability we create allows them to succeed within the shores of Nigeria, both as individuals and as corporate entities.

Our client focus here is on mainstream engineering, construction, and general contract facilitation. Our value propositions are to increase the benefits derived from players in this sector in their jobs and deliverables.

As a means to increase profits and production, we create both short-term and long-term facilities that aid services provided in the construction industry. Advisory services are also available to companies and contractors leveraging on our years of expertise and execution.

The Nigerian economy in its dynamism has evolved from a monotonous system to a multi-faceted platform. We create the link to establish and ignite new businesses.

As a global bank vested in knowledge, it is imperative for us to create a link for the movement of the new dynamic business sector. Manufacturing will position us as a foremost nation of innovation and creativity and we at UBA are available for partnerships with key participants in this sector.

UBA has remained steadfast in its commitment to support the Oil & Gas industry since inception in Nigeria.

With a historical background in partnering with the downstream players across the nation, our energy bank focus is concerned with the sector associating drilling and exploratory services of the mineral, crude oil. In our bid to deliver premium service to our high-end stakeholders, we implement strategic approaches in our delivery.

As an institution committed to serving its’ citizens, we offer our services and nurture relationships with the State and Federal Governments. Ministries, agencies and other federal and state parastatals are also clients that we foster ties with.

We understand as an institution the necessary of a functional government. To effectively run the nation, financial advisory roles are profitable, to build interstate relations, nurture international relations with foreign bodies and nations.

Telecommunications has been a very key part of the nation’s growth over the past few years. In a bid to lead in innovation and technology in this sector, we proffer solutions.

As an institution well vested in partnerships and relations with Telecom partner companies. We are experienced and able to lead participants by providing suggestions and facilities that will aid excellent service and increase value via our digital channels and platforms. Converging with Telecoms we also aim to promote better inter-sector ties.

Trade relations are the hub of actively commercial societies. We understand that every business has its unique qualities, so we create custom plans to fit their needs.

Our bank is interested in all sectors of trade. The commercial banking unit focuses on idea development and implementation for commercial activities, agriculture, commodities, general trade, and automobile. From general trading to import and export, the Commercial Banking Division supports trading and commerce activities in various sectors to create a template and design that suits each unit.

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