UBA Connect

One Account. Twenty Countries

UBA Connect

With UBA Connect, our customers can make cash withdrawals, deposits and transfers at any UBA branch across Africa . See countries here

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How it Works



UBA Connect is a feature of UBA accounts which allows customers make withdrawals, deposits and transfers from their accounts at any UBA location across Africa
No, UBA Connect is a feature of your existing UBA account. As long as you have a UBA account, you can access the service across 20 African countries
The service is available to all types of UBA accounts
  • – International Passport with a valid visa or immigration stamp for ECOWAS member countries is mandatory
  • – Completed UBA Connect form
Transactions would be conducted in the local currency of any country a customer is in. However, customers who want to make foreign currency withdrawals, can only do so if they have corresponding domiciliary accounts
Transaction fees are competitive and will be reflective of the market realities across all processing countries
Transaction limits vary and are in line with regulatory provisions in any country
No, UBA Connect can only be accessed in a country other than your home country. For example, a Ghanaian can use UBA Connect in Liberia, Kenya or any other country apart from Ghana
Simply walk into any UBA location within outside of your home country and fill out a withdrawal or deposit form
  • – Withdrawal on UBA account is only available for UBA account holders
  • – Outbound (transfer and deposit) from Nigeria currently unavailable. i.e. Transfer nor Deposit into other African countries from Nigeria is not available and also, a customer of Nigeria cannot access his/her account in another country
  • – UBACONNECT service is not currently available outside CEMAC Zone
  • – Mozambique is not live yet on UBA CONNECT

For further enquiries, please contact RemittanceProductsTeam@ubagroup.com

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