Home or Land Acquisition

You may use this loan for land purchase or to construct a residential property in an acceptable locations within Nigeria.

Get a loan for your home and land purchase now!

The terms for repayment is considerate, structured and convenient


  • Imposes discipline and financial prudence
  • Interest payments are tax deductible
  • An opportunity to create and grow wealth
  • Provides security and freedom from astronomical rental growth
  • A hedge against inflation
  • Provides an investment and annuity income
  • Provides post retirement cash flow and passive income
  • Considerate, structured and convenient terms of repayment
  • Competitive interest rate

Target Audience

  • Confirmed employees of reputable organisations in the private or public sector
  • Individuals whose salaries must have been paid through UBA for at least 3 months
  • UBA account holders
  • Employees who will be discussing or selling consumer credit products

How To Apply For UBA Housing & Land Purchase Loan

  • Complete a UBA Consumer Loan Application form which you may pick up from any of our branches
  • If you wish to purchase residential property, submit your application including the following to the Customer Service Officer in your branch:
    • An offer letter from the vendor
    • A letter of authority from the vendor to the solicitor or estate agent of the property
    • A formal instruction from the applicant to the vendor instructing or authorising him to release the title documents to the bank
    • An undertaking from the vendor or solicitor or agent to submit valid title documents directly to the bank
    • A satisfactory search report on the property from a bank approved lawyer
    • The original of the purchase receipt
    • The survey plan
    • Executed documents which are necessary for the perfection of the legal mortgage on the property
    • A valuation report accompanied by photographs of the property
    • A bank statement for the preceding 12 months
    • A copy of the title documents, which should be in the vendor’s name
    • A copy of the approved building plan – if necessary
    • A copy of the land title documents in which the ownership is in your name
    • A copy of the approved building plan
    • A copy of the Bill of Quantities
    • The construction timetable