SME Loans and advances

It takes a supportive partner like UBA to grow a business

We cater for the bespoke needs of self-employed business owners: SMEs (Retails merchants & Gen. commerce), self-employed professionals, entertainers, start-ups, tech-entrepreneurs and artisans.

Young Entrepreneur Finance Scheme

This product seeks to offer credit facilities to young entrepreneurs across Africa with vibrant and bankable business ideas and who require capital to finance and grow their small and medium scale businesses. The source of the funding/guarantee shall be either directly from UBA or from any of the acceptable Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) such as USAID, IFC, AfDB, AFD etc., or other Hedge funds the Bank is able to collaborate with.

The product is targeted at young entrepreneurs from across Africa with workable or thriving business ideas that have strong potential for growth.



UBA Medical Loan

UBA Medical loan offers a short and medium-term supports to health sectors SMEs

This is a time loan product designed to provide short term loan and asset finance to registered hospitals, Pharmacies, medical laboratories, diagnostic centers, optical and dental clinics loans to smoothen their expansion/facility upgrade and equipment purchase as well as working capital needs

  • ✔ Loan Amount: N5 Million subject to 100% of average monthly turnover over the last 12 months

Tenor: Not exceeding 12 months

  • ✔ Loan Amount: Up to N50 Million
  • ✔ Tenor: up to 3 years
  • ✔ Equity contribution:  20% (Asset Finance)
  • Security: Undertaking to domicile business proceeds with UBA
  • ✔ Must be dully registered and in good standing with Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN), Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN), Pharmacist Society of Nigeria (PSN)
  • ✔ Must have been a UBA customer for a minimum of 6 months or 12months with other banks
  • ✔ Applicant’s letter of request for facility
  • ✔ Financial statements (audited and /or management for the last 3 years, or for the operating life of the company if less than 3 years; the most current being less than 6months.
  • ✔ Letter of undertaking by the business owner to domicile all business proceed over the facility tenor Payment mandate
  • ✔ Evidence of registration with regulatory bodies
  • ✔ Personal Guarantee of MD/CEO and Chairman plus Notarized Statement of Net worth.
  • ✔ Evidence of up-to-date rendition of annual returns where the company is incorporated.
  • ✔ For more info Visit the nearest branch to you Email: or call: +234 700 2255 822 (0700-CALL-UBA), or +234 1 280 8822 (2808UBA) or +234 1 631 9822

Temporary Overdraft

Get a 30day offer to cover up shortfalls in your working capital. UBA Temporary overdraft offers a 30day one off overdraft facility to commercial and consumer banking customers against proven account activity to meet temporary shortfalls in their working capital requirements


  • ✔ Obligor limit: Micro branch- 300,000
    • Micro Plus Branches: N500,000
    • Basic Branches: N2,000,000
    • Medium Branches: N2,000,000
    • Large Branches: N4,000,000
    • Mega/ Prestige Branches: N4,000,000
  • ✔ Repayment is on a flow basis in line with obligor’s business cycle.
  • ✔ Tenor is 30days from the date of booking.
  • ✔ Collateral: An undertaking to domicile sales proceeds with UBA.
  • ✔ Ease of access to funds to bridge shortfalls in working capital
  • ✔ Duly completed loan application form(LAF) by authorized personnel of the obligor.
  • ✔ Duly executed offer letter by authorized personnel of the obligor.
  • ✔ Domiciliation of sales proceeds or assignment of receivables.
  • ✔ Personal Guarantee of the Director(s)/Proprietor supported with a notarized statement of net worth.
  • ✔ Evidence of up-to-date rendition of annual returns where the company is incorporated;
  • ✔ Evidence of usage of one of the bank’s e-channel products such as ATM, U-Direct, POS, etc
  • ✔ +234 700 2255 822 (0700-CALL-UBA) or +234 1 280 8822 (2808UBA) or +234 1 631 9822



Invoice Discounting Facility (IDF)

Need a quick discount for unpaid invoices? UBA IDF has got you covered.  This enables the bank discount invoice from 3rd parties.

  • ✔ Obligor limit: US$200,000 maximum subject to 70% of the net invoice value.
  • ✔ Tenor: 120 days
  • ✔ Repayment: Bullet repayment on or before expiry from the proceeds of the invoice.
  • ✔ Target Market: Approved investment grade names (BBB to AAA)

UBA School Loans

This is a medium to long term facility aimed at meeting working capital, asset and mortgage needs of registered privately–owned schools. The bouquet comprises of a 4-month time loan, a 3-year asset finance loan and a 10-year mortgage loan.

Short-term loanUpto 12monthsAccess up to N5 million
Asset Finance LoanUp to 3-yearAccess up to N20 million
Term Loan (Renovate or Buy)Upto 5-yearsAccess up to N100 million
  • ✔ Access to fund to meet operational, expansion, asset procurement needs with a moderate RAC
  • ✔ Easier access to funds to finance various school projects
  • ✔ Enhances further growth to the school.
  • ✔ Evidence of registration with regulatory bodies
  • ✔ Letter of undertaking by the business owner to domicile all business proceed over the facility tenor Payment mandate
  • ✔ Applicant’s letter of request written application /facility request
  • ✔ Duly completed KYC form.
  • ✔ Visit our branch for more information  OR Call: +234 700 2255 822 (0700-CALL-UBA) or  +234 1 280 8822 (2808UBA) or  +234 1 631 9822